Things that made me like the world a little more – August

Submitted by on the 26th of August 2015

Some ideas make me jealous. And although jealousy makes me selfish, there are some ideas that are so incredibly selfless that I’m prepared to set my feelings aside and just write about them.

And then of course, there are ideas that are just heaps of fun. They make me laugh. Jealously.

The 2015 Loeries produced some fantastic work this year. Although there are those who strongly believe that the flavour of local creativity is being diluted with the Loeries now open to the rest of Africa and Middle East, politics aside, there were some great ideas on show.

Banking on goodwill

It’s hard for banks to do something meaningful in the eyes of their customers. We pay for a service, and in return we expect that service to function. When it doesn’t, people get angry. That’s pretty much how it works. So when a bank does something so simple and effective, using its own channels, it deserves a pat on the balance sheet.

UBCI Groupe, an affiliated bank of BNP Paribas in Tunisia, realised that the ‘do you want to save the planet by not taking an ATM slip’ narrative wasn’t working. Not only not working, but turning the floors of their ATMs into origami carpeting.

So they changed the narrative: “Do you want to donate your bank receipt to help a child in need have notebooks?” If you say no to this, you are an ass.

In just one month, the paper saved was transformed into thousands of notebooks for underprivileged schools in the country. Good score for the kids. Good score for Havas Worldwide with a Gold Loerie for Effective Creativity.

DIY in gold

If you haven’t seen the Suzelle DIY series of online videos (Julia Anastasopoulos, @knolc), you’ve been living under a pile of construction rubble. This talented lady has a relative cult following (for SA standards), with some of her videos topping 600k views.

A particular favourite of the 2015 Loeries was ‘How To Make A Spit Braai’, which scooped a Gold Craft. For a good giggle, you should have a look at the Suzelle DIY video featuring Tim Noakes. In the video, he is forced to eat a koeksister and [spoiler] he doesn’t get fat on the spot and die.

Targeting kids after dark

There are few things for kids to do at night in Johannesburg that don’t get them arrested. One of them is the Night Tours offered by Joburg Zoo. This Gold Craft winner at Loeries 2015 (Y&R Johannesburg) consisted of a series of posters that could only be seen under torchlight. By shining a light under the posters, what were initially inconsequential shapes on the poster cast a shadow to reveal the nocturnal animals at the zoo that can only be seen after dark. Clever. Simple. Interactive.

So those are the pieces that spoke to me. Check out some of the other Gold winners for additional inspiration and/or jealousy mongering. There’s some really good work there that will hopefully inspire you to do your own.

Have a great week.