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The One Content Mistake Most Marketers Make

Dasia Loutfrakhmanova Posted by on the 26th of November 2015 | Comments

Your brand is putting out quality content daily, yet it seems like nobody cares. Engagement is low, and your community only lights up when you hold a competition. What’s going wrong? To find the answer, we have to consider this: You wouldn’t hit ‘like’ on the last billboard you saw, or subscribe to the last radio […]

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Do or Delete – There is No “Try” in Social Media

Dasia Loutfrakhmanova Posted by on the 12th of August 2014 | Comments

Do you want this in business-speak or friend-speak? Business-speak: getting on social media for the wrong reasons means your business doesn’t devote the necessary resources to the endeavor, leading to possible brand damage. Friend-speak: if you’re going to put your business on social media, don’t half-ass it. I’ve been giving some version of the friend-speak […]

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