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Don’t worry, be appy

Posted by on the 2nd of February 2016 | Comments

 Apps are a necessary part of our daily lives. As Jay Baer, author of Youtility, says: “Mobile is how we are spending our time, and we are ALREADY spending 80% of that mobile time in apps. I believe this demonstrates that consumers indeed want the simplicity and focus that apps provide, rather than the variety […]

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Why Meme: Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted by on the 8th of December 2014 | Comments

“Keep Calm and Carry On” has popped up everywhere. From cards, to T-shirts and various memorabilia. But where does this popular meme stem from and what’s the significance of it for us today? The origins of this poster are quite surprising. “Keep Calm and Carry On” was one out of three posters that were commissioned […]

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Spotting the winner

Posted by on the 17th of February 2012 | Comments

Cerebra is an established communication agency specialising in both PR and Social Media. Cerebra’s assets and resources, like many other businesses, is its people, and Cerebra sure knows how to pick them. We pride ourselves on the talent within this company, and our proud “fathers” – Mike and Craig – constantly promote their “children”.

So how do you hire the right people for your business? Is there a formula? Maybe, but it takes years of experience to identify “the one”. Also knowing exactly what you want (and don’t want) helps immensely. Here’s a bit of inside info and know-how on “spotting the winner”.

Culture fit


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Disconnected, desolate and desperate

Posted by on the 19th of October 2011 | Comments

Imagine my absolute horror when my phone chose the most inopportune moment for the battery to die, at 27dinner.

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