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Facebook To Charge For Private Messaging?

Posted by on the 26th of March 2013 | Comments

This morning the office was abuzz with talk of Facebook’s latest change – seems the company has rolled out preliminary testing on their messaging service. Basically, should you wish to send a private message to someone who is not a connection, Facebook will charge you anywhere from $1 (approx. R9,46) to deliver your message. If you don’t pay, your message will be sent to that recipients spam folder.


I tried to test this today by sending a message to a colleague who is not a friend on Facebook, and my message went through just fine. So although this testing phase has been rolled out in South Africa, it’s clearly only to a percentage of the South African users, for now.

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From Facebook, To Beyond

Posted by on the 4th of February 2013 | Comments

Last week, Twitter wished me a happy 4th birthday. 4! That’s like 100 in social media year’s right? It was this 140-character message that made me realise that in social media years, I am getting old. If I’m already four in Twitter years, then surely my Facebook profile must be reaching its retirement age?

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But being a typical generation Y gal, I thrive on all things new, fresh and exciting and therefore decided it was time to scope out a batch of new social media platforms to play around on. I’m not saying goodbye to the original Big 5 (according to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest are the most popular social networking sites) I’m just suggesting we see what else is out there.

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The power of Social Sharing

Posted by on the 30th of October 2012 | Comments

If you have ever cyber-stalked a stranger’s wedding photos, screen-grabbed a hairstyle of someone you have never met or posted a gym workout to Facebook just to prove you went – then this post is for you.

Hello. My name is Kate, and I am a social stalker.

The Internet loves us for this exact reason – everything we do online is a form of stalking: from re-pinning, re-posting and re-tweeting. I can honestly say I have learned more skills by browsing content online than I did during my twelve years of school. I know the best Facebook pages to go to for fitness advice, the best Twitter handles to follow for fashion and beauty advice and the best boards to follow on Pinterest for décor and gardening tips.

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Would the real online influencer please stand up

Posted by on the 9th of October 2012 | Comments

Here’s an idea: “take this product and send this to some online influencers and get them to tweet about it.” Yes, that is a common brief to an agency, and no, you should not simply go ahead and get that done. Unless you’re the Reserve Bank and your product is money, simply sending stuff to an influencer is unlikely to achieve the campaign success you had hoped for.

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Instagram: You’re doing it wrong.

Posted by on the 24th of July 2012 | Comments

I’ve spent the last several months taking advantage of every opportunity to jump on my soapbox and complain about the way people are using certain applications, namely Instagram. My thinking for this blog post is to turn my ranting and raving into something a tad more constructive, and explain what Instagram is and how it should and shouldn’t be used.

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Melissa Attree joins Cerebra

Posted by on the 20th of March 2012 | Comments

Cerebra is excited to announce a new addition to their dynamic team; digital marketer and strategist Melissa Attree (, @melattree), winner of the 2011 Bookmark award for Social Media Marketer of the Year, will join the full-service communication agency on 2 April 2012.

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Cerebra welcomes new clients

Posted by on the 27th of February 2012 | Comments

Cerebra is very excited to announce that we have two new clients joining our portfolio.

The first being Cape Town based, a digital advertising network for creatives, advertisers and mobile networks. Shinka’s advertising platforms include MXit, the wildly successful messaging platform that helps people communicate and build communities via their mobile phones; Daily Maverick, the guys who provide the best news coverage with their original, intelligent reporting and analysis and FSMS, the South African service that addresses the problem of expensive communication by allowing users to send and receive free ad-supported SMS’s via mobile phones and the web. Cerebra will be handling all of Shinka’s PR and social media.

Learn more about them at

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BrandsEye improves accuracy of ORM

Posted by on the 22nd of February 2012 | Comments

Software provider harnesses the power of the crowd to tackle the industry’s holy grail: accurately gauging sentiment online.

BrandsEye, the world’s only crowdsourced online reputation management service, has introduced a powerful new technique to its online monitoring application. BrandsEye Crowd now combines the benefits of three powerful elements: the all-knowing wisdom of the crowd, managed through the minute attention to detail of computers, and focused by the strategic judgement of trained professionals.

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Saving the rhinos one Tweet at a time

Posted by on the 18th of January 2012 | Comments

I’m not sure when last you actively tuned into the TV or radio news to catch the day’s headlines. Nowadays, relevant and breaking information is simply a tweet away. And with Twitter (followed closely by Facebook and YouTube) becoming the go-to news source, it’s not surprising that it’s also becoming a serious noise maker when it comes to causes and plights.

The latest issue to surface in South Arica is that of rhino poaching. A pretty relevant topic considering that gram for gram, a rhino horn is worth more than gold, and over 443 rhinos were killed in our country in 2011 alone.

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