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What does ‘social business’ mean for an organisation?

Posted by on the 7th of August 2013 | Comments

This is a popular question and in order to give a meaningful answer, it’s best to revisit what ‘social business’ means and then unpack how this impacts on business decisions.

At its core, a social business understands that people do business with people. A social business focuses on leveraging conversations and collaboration in order to more effectively achieve overarching marketing, sales, communication and business objectives.

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Instagram is moving (literally)

Posted by on the 21st of June 2013 | Comments

If you download the update you’ll see that you can now choose between photo or video and then (as per normal photo usage) choose filters before you publish.

On face value, from a product development point of view, it makes sense that one of the fastest growing photo editing and sharing social networks would expand their offering.


I think that Instagram was one of the first apps I downloaded when I upgraded to an iPhone (it’s been around since Oct 2010.) I’m a visual person with a very short attention span so being able to see ‘slice of life’ pics from all over the world was appealing – still is. It’s a true mobile photo sharing and editing app that just works, and stuff looks amazing, what’s not to love?

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Will the relaunch of MySpace bring sexy back?

Posted by on the 25th of September 2012 | Comments

I’m writing this post as most of my colleagues are too young to even know what MySpace is, and why the relaunch of MySpace is a potentially important digital development. One of my first small jobs back in the 00s was to create a MySpace profile for a client, back then, Facebook and Twitter were non-existent in SA. MySpace was all we had, yes it was ugly, and the user experience was clunky, but you could upload videos, photos, text and audio files on one page.

Fast forward a couple of years and MySpace is the old shoe from several seasons back that gets lost in the back of your cupboard. Until today.

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