6 lessons in marketing from my newborn

Submitted by on the 20th of September 2016

Whoever said there were no more original ideas left, I challenge them to find another blog post based on the deep metaphor of baby projectile vomit.

Now that that’s settled, let me give you some context. My one-month-old has also finally settled, which gives me a few precious nanomoments to meet this deadline, which actually passed about a week ago. Unlike his gas, which he passes on a regular basis.

So, what can we as marketers learn from feeding an infant?

  1. Be open to trying different formulas

If, on the first iteration of your strategy, you nail it, well done. Most of us are not so lucky. It takes a lot of timing, tweaking and testing to get it right. Try many different formulas until you find the one that your audience finds not only palatable, but easily digestible. But don’t be precious. Always be prepared to learn new tricks.

  1. Don’t dilute your message

So you’ve found the right formula. Now make sure you balance your message correctly. If you dilute it too much, you won’t grow your audience effectively. Too little, and they screw their little faces up into wrinkled red stress balls and scream like air raid sirens in a pitch that comes from the abyss of hell. Or maybe they just find it hard to ingest. Semantics.

  1. It’s all about timing

So you’ve got your formula, balanced the message, and you finally find a gap where you believe you have their attention to give them your content. Just be sure they’re in the right space to be available to you, because prodding a sleeping member of your audience too hard pisses them off to no end. Cue air raid siren. All you can do is be ready for when they’re ready, and you’ll have their attention.

  1. Wastage can be messy

As much as you might think that your audience is drooling at the mere mention of your product, you should think twice – they aren’t. With so many wonderful things going on around them, if they ain’t hungry for what you’re trying to shove down their throats, they ain’t biting. But you go ahead anyway, believing that your content will get through. Some may sneak down the gullet. Most of it drools down their chins onto their fourth cute outfit for that hour. That is what you call wastage.

  1. Be attentive and pat them on the back

Well done, they’re consuming. That’s only half your job done. You need to listen out for niggles so you’re always on the pulse of what your audience is thinking and can then self-correct your approach. And don’t ever forget to pat them on the back. They get a lot of satisfaction out of that.

  1. You never know which part they will consume

You think your message is amazing. So does your audience, to some extent – but there’s only so much they can take in. Know when to pull back, before you find half your message in warm chunks all over your face. The problem is, you never know which half.

Get all these things right and they’ll be eating up everything you have to say.