Career Focus: Content Marketing

Cerebra Submitted by on the 9th of March 2016

Our third instalment of the Cerebra Career Focus blog series (see Community Management & Design) takes aim at content marketing experts. The official title ‘content marketing manager’ is fairly rare throughout the industry, but is quickly becoming an increasingly important one to recognise.

Put simply, content marketing is really nothing new – we’ve all been creating content for marketing purposes since the dawn of Don Draper. However, if we take a closer look, there is something more specific about content marketing as it’s defined today.

Marketers are faced with myriad platforms, channels and media types that allow them access to their audiences. Digitally, there are more new tools becoming available daily than existed across all media just 20 years ago.

Because of this, it has become necessary to stand out from the noise. One way is to go viral – shout loudly and everyone will hear you, even if they don’t want to. The other, inversely, is to target specific audiences with tailor-made content that they will actually care about and engage with on a deeper level. Figuring out how to do that is the job of anyone interested in content marketing.

According to one study, 32% of marketers had trouble finding content marketing professionals in 2015 – three times more than the year before. That shows a clear increase in demand, with supply failing to keep up, and it’s something you should take advantage of.

So what does it take to become a content marketer, or to start integrating it into your current role? Below, we’ve listed several skills, attributes and resources that will help you get there.

The top 3 skills you will need:

  1. Understanding content marketing comes in part from a keen interest in research, data and insights. Having a strategic mind that can gather and interpret data in such a way that you’ll be able to implement the learnings is key to creating unique and effective content.
  1. Marketing, in any form, is most effective when it draws the viewer in. Content marketing is generally understood as long-form, native advertising, but even if you’re only given 140 characters, you need to know how to tell a story.
  1. The industry is always changing and running at break-neck speeds. Keeping up while ensuring the quality and timeliness of your own work is vital.

The top 3 personal attributes you will need:

  1. Be inquisitive. Ask any successful creative or strategic mind; the drive to keep learning and growing is what got them to where they are. Again, in a fast-changing environment, keeping up is a priority, while standing out from the rest will only come with an open mind and great ideas.
  1. Be brave. Make mistakes and learn from them. If you feel like you’re doing something crazy – as long as it’s not going harm anyone – then you’re probably heading in the right direction. After all, bravery isn’t the absence of fear – it’s the ability to continue despite it.
  1. Be humble. In a field as new and fluctuating as content marketing, you will often be wrong. That’s part of the beauty of it – you’re allowed to make mistakes, and you’re allowed to grow from them. If pride has its way, though, you’ll never see further than your greatest success and learn nothing from your failures.

3 online resources you should follow:

  1. Content Marketing Institute. It’s right there in the name – the CMI is a dedicated resource for anyone looking to learn about, get started or improve their abilities in content marketing, with the explicit aim of making it even more fun for those involved.
  1. Cerebra. Cerebrans are constantly learning and sharing their knowledge with the world. Our blog is frequently updated with relevant, insightful posts from the team, and we’ve published several eBooks that pertain to content marketing, with the obvious starting point being The Content Marketing Sacrifice.
  1. As many in our team have pointed out, there is no one way to learn about something, especially if you’re truly interested in it. It comes down to keeping your eyes open, reading us much as possible, critiquing work you see in the wild, and asking questions of anyone you meet along the way.

If you think you’re ready to make the leap, and you’d like to use those skills within a team of incredibly driven and talented people, then get in touch with Cerebra. We’re always looking for the best, so check out our careers page.