Cerebra’s top tips to an engaging Twitter bio

Cerebra Submitted by on the 23rd of October 2012

Irrespective of whether the Twitter profile you run is personal, or that of a brand, there are several key elements to an appealing bio that could mean the difference between a new follower or a passer by.

Here are a few suggestions that the Cerebra team has put together:

• Use your real name. This will add credibility to your account.

• Clearly indicate what the community will get in return for following you. Provide some insight into what your interests are and what you do for a living. This will give potential followers an understanding of the various content themes you may be covering.

• Rather speak to what followers can expect from the channel as opposed to overly promoting what you or your business does. If the platform is seen as simply a sales and marketing channel it is unlikely to get much traction.

• Keep it short and sweet. Be as concise as possible but ensure that it still delivers meaning. Using individual words to describe your interests works well and will help you to avoid long sentences.

• Include a link to some of your work – it could be to your personal blog or company profile. This builds trust, further profiles yourself and creates opportunities for people to connect with you through other channels.

• The tone of your bio should match the tone of the content in your stream. If your bio is overly witty and humorous, followers will expect the same from your tweets. Your bio will set the expectation so keep the tone of your bio and content as in sync as possible.

• Provide relevant information that speaks to your true character and passions. The greatest trust is gained from those that are real. Be yourself.

• Add your current location. This will also help to position your content and add relevance.

• Be creative and unconventional. Something a little different will help you stand out from the masses and aid potential followers to cut through the clutter. At the very least, be original.

• Most importantly – Be honest!