Case Study: Designing KPMG Enactus World Cup

Cerebra Submitted by on the 16th of February 2016

KPMG, the lead sponsor of the Enactus World Cup, gave us an open brief for an activation. However, any experienced creative will tell you that it’s probably the hardest brief to fulfil on. Where do you even start?

The key to designing anything is to ask questions – the right questions – because only the right questions can lead you to the right answers. With this brief we knew we had to start at the end and there’s one main question to ask- What’s the point of all of this?

Once it was clear that our objective was to make KPMG a desirable place to work for top talent we could start building the foundation of our concept. We had our guiding light and everything we did from then on needed to go back to that, including our core creative line: #JoinIdeas.

The end result was spectacular, it had that golden thread weaving through every aspect of the activation.

Once we found our thread we turned our focus to designing the experience for the human in the physical space. It was at that stage of the process we realised that we needed a few more objectives to design towards. And this was still before any creative was mocked up.

1. How do we introduce #JoinIdeas?
2. How do we land #JoinIdeas through a physically interactive experience?
3. How do we show authentic credibility to KPMG’s sponsorship of Enactus?
4. How do we engage some of the smartest humanoids on our planet?
5. How do we tie all of this together with a final call-to-action that drives our key objective?

These necessary boundaries allowed us to focus our creativity and design for each desired outcome. #Protip: To succeed at design you need to be thoughtful. Every little detail needs to be considered, from the costs, logistics of the build, and material waste management to the placement of graphics, type of floors, and well, every single user touch point. The beauty is in the details.

We used a variety of disciplines to deliver the final experience including graphic design, set design, UX design, copy writing, sound design, animation, robotics, mechanical engineering, among others.

Watch our case study below to see how our thoughtfully designed activation came to life.