Download The #CerebraSchmooze Game

Cerebra Submitted by on the 26th of February 2016

This month we’re celebrating fun at the office in all its forms. We’ve looked at the different ways that fun can guide thinking and enable us to produce great work, how fun improves creativity on campaigns and, of course, the different ways we celebrate fun as a core Cerebran value.

One of the ways we use fun to encourage the team is through the #CerebraSchmooze game.

We created Schmooze Cards as a way to reward employees for going above and beyond their role to the benefit of the business and their colleagues. While the pride in doing great work and being an awesome colleague is rewarding in itself, there’s something special about tangible outcomes like a Duvet Day or a full tank of fuel.

The #CerebraSchmooze game can be used by small to medium-sized companies across any industry. We created the full card deck using the rewards we currently have in circulation around the Cerebra office. Our rewards are a guideline – we’ve left room for you to customise your own rewards based on your budgets and the size of your team. The game set also includes a list of rules and regulations (very necessary to avoid anarchy and tears) and a list of ways to earn a Schmooze Card.

We’ve released the game as a downloadable pack that you can print and customise for your own team. Download the free game pack from our resource library here.

Let us know which custom cards you would add to the deck for your office.