Employee content: start within or go without

Cerebra Submitted by on the 1st of September 2017

We’ve seen it countless times over the years, a business will invest heaps of money in an enterprise social network (ESN) platform only to have usage taper out after the initial adoption phase, a few months into the process. We know why employees fail to adopt an ESN from the outset, but where do we as businesses fail in the maintenance of these platforms?

If you wait until you’ve logged in to think about how your team will use their enterprise social network and collaborate, it’s already too late.

Your employees are your biggest champions, and it’s time organisations started holding them in the same regard (or higher, for that matter) as their customers. ESNs like Facebook’s Workplace platform are a great way to gain feedback, create conversation and foster collaboration. However, the simple act of deploying an ESN tool within an organisation on its own without understanding and implementing the principles, practices and processes that ultimately make employees use them will invariably result in failure.

Where do we begin, when creating content for the people with whom we roam the halls, hold meetings and share banter over the water cooler? Well first we have to understand who we’re dealing with and what we’d like to achieve as a business.

This is why Cerebra’s Advisory has developed a Roadmap for Social Business Transformation; a proprietary process and methodology for assisting businesses adapt, survive and thrive in the social era of business.

A core aspect of this transformation process is the deployment of enterprise social networking tools, such as Workplace by Facebook, within these organisations.

Using this roadmap allows us to effectively plan out how we’re going to create content that speaks directly to our most important audience on this platform, but also helps us identify where the gap exists between what the organisation claims to be and how employees experience it on the ground. Deploying this process allows the Advisory team to examine and assess elements like brand personality and tone in employee engagements, content pillars, publishing processes and schedules, and community moderation techniques.

To find out how the Roadmap for Social Business can help your business achieve success on Facebook Workplace, get in touch with us here.