The fun side of creativity

Submitted by on the 18th of February 2016

As any content creator will tell you, it can often be tricky to balance  between producing fun punchy content while playing within the parameters of brand guidelines. We so often want to propose big fun ideas, but can be weighed down by the red tape of brand CI.

So this month, I’m taking a look at great examples of brands who have managed to have a lot of fun on social while staying true to their essence.

A little bit of McFun

First up, it’s Mickey-Dees in Singapore. We all know that Instagram and food go well together when it’s artisanal. When it’s mass-produced fast food, then not so much.

What McDonald’s Singapore did with their Instagram feed is nothing short of delicious. Using food shots found on their typical McD’s menu, they created illustrations around them, even managing to slip in some health cues.

It stays true to the platform, and the food actually looks appetising.

Until the carb coma, that is.


Blue Steel 2.0

About a year ago, some of my team members asked me to take a selfie of them.

“You mean a photo of you?”

Cue eye roll and “you’re so old” quips.

With Zoolander No. 2 is on the horizon, you may feel a bit creeky in the joints. We haven’t waited that long since the first iteration catwalked into our lives – a mere 15 years. That means that the current crop of young moviegoers were those who circumvented their parents’ birth control around the time of Zoolander 1’s release.

So how do you make it relevant to the newbies, while recreating the desire of the fans of the previous movie?

#BlueSteelSelfie, that’s how.

The official Blue Steel selfie microsite lets you practice the perfect pout, and then puts you into one of three categories – Le Tigre, Magnum or, if you’re really, really, really gooodloooooking, the Blue Steel.

The content is of course shareable, and puts a novel spin on what the next generation will roll their eyes at.


Alright, fun’s over. Back to work.