Instameets and Festivals with Huawei

Submitted by on the 7th of October 2015

Cerebra’s Huawei team recently travelled the country while exploring the creative brand opportunities of Instagram.


Over the last two weekends, the Huawei team at Cerebra travelled across South Africa to attend two great events, and tell the Huawei story on Instagram. Armed only with an idea, a phone, and an opportunity, we learned a few things along the way.

We first travelled to Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape for the first ever @SouthAfrica National Instameet.


  Over 200 Instagrammers descended on the Karoo town for the Heritage Day long weekend, exploring the beautiful town and surrounding areas, making new friends, and taking hundreds of incredible pictures. For Huawei, it was an opportunity to engage with the platform’s most loyal users while experimenting with a new competition format.   We announced an Instagram treasure hunt, and one-by-one, we carefully hid 10 Huawei Mate7 devices at various landmarks, posted clues to Instagram, and watched the excitement grow as locals and visitors alike raced around the town trying to find them. If you were the first person to find the phone, it was yours.

The format, although very simple, was incredibly effective. Users from across the country engaged with the brand, asking for treasure hunts in their towns and cities, with all metrics surpassing anything before seen on the account. Whether you won or not, it was fun to take part, and even to watch from afar.


  Our next event was a weekend at Rocking the Daisies. The festival saw over 20,000 people descend on the Cloof Wine Estate for one of the country’s most popular and most beautiful music festivals. Huawei sponsored one of the event’s main venues – the Huawei Electronic Dome, which played host to acts such as PHFat, Crookers, Haezer and many others, and displayed one of the most elaborate lighting systems we’ve ever seen.   But this wasn’t all about the Electronic Dome – music festivals embody a certain culture that has grown to immense popularity across the world and in South Africa, with a particularly exciting, diverse and progressive culture emerging from within.   We teamed up with the lovely people from Drop Your Drink, curating images that spoke to the young, bold and brave culture that Huawei embodies while they pushed our relevant hashtags through their own channels.


Huawei’s status as a challenger brand – one that sets itself apart through a combination of innovative technology, forward-thinking design, and attainability within the market – makes it the perfect brand to partner with events such as Daisies. The audience is always looking for something special, something that stands apart from the typical, and we had to showcase that culture through our Instagram feed.

Both events posed specific challenges – festival internet connections being one of the more difficult – but also saw great results. When it comes to using a platform like Instagram, where the story and quality of content is the primary concern for users, the brand needs to immerse itself in their culture and show that it, too, is most concerned with the stories its audience wants to tell and hear.

Here are some tips for doing location-based Instagramming for a brand:
  • Plan to be spontaneous
  • Make sure competitions are fun to participate in – no one really wins if it’s just a follow/like to win format
  • Make friends and ask questions – the stories you find will amaze you
  • Create content that will also work on other platforms
  • Test formats to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Battery boosters, data, and comfortable shoes are your best friends

Head over to @HuaweiZA on Instagram to view more of the photos from the trips.