International Fun at Work Day

Craig Rodney Submitted by on the 29th of January 2016

Today is the International Fun at Work Day, which, as far as important days on the calendar go, isn’t really a biggie. It did pique our attention though, because having fun is one of our six core values at Cerebra.

Fun is a big part of life at Cerebra. Not silly childish fun, more the constructive, mind challenging, creative expression type of fun. Regardless of what we’re working on, we strive to introduce at least an element of fun into the process because we know how much value it can add to what we produce.

It’s so important that we’re using the month of February to show the world how much value fun adds to our lives and work. Some things to look out for include:

  • Our strategic and creative teams will dive into the positive impacts of fun on our work
  • We have a guest blogger who has been on a creative adventure of note
  • We’ll be doing some throwbacks to some of the incredible projects borne out of Cerebra’s fun side
  • And finally we’ll be releasing a free-to-download employee rewards game that we developed ourselves.

The game we play is called Schmooze Cards, which rewards Cerebrans for going above and beyond their jobs. It’s such a good game that we decided to share the love by releasing it for any business on the planet to simply download, print, and play. Keep an eye out for the launch.

While we’re focusing on fun during February, during 2016 we’ll also be highlighting our other values, showing why they’re core to our business and how each one can benefit yours. Our six core values are:

Have Fun

Act Bravely

Be Loyal

Inspire Growth

Take Initiative

Show Integrity

If your business takes fun seriously, let us know what you do and how it benefits your team and your customers. We’ll share some of the coolest stories.