“That’s cute. Why did that take 6 months to make?”

Submitted by on the 16th of March 2016

Creating something meaningful takes time. Often, the most soul-destroying part of the journey is watching customers see the end-product for the first time and smile at you as though you’ve just drawn a picture for their fridge.

They don’t get what we went through.

So, this month, I’ve selected an example of pretty cool work that must have taken ages to make, yet it’s only 15 seconds long, and it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen on Instagram in a while.

Welcome, micro-TV.

Anyone heard of micro-TV?

We’ve become pretty desensitised to ‘that next awesome series’, thanks to the Netflixes, Showmaxes and other companies’ pirated servers that we never, ever use.

Sure, there is some awesome content out there, with incredible production value and plots that used to be reserved for blockbusters, but I haven’t seen anything super new in the past while – mainly because I can’t find the time to binge-watch for an entire weekend.

Being an adult comes with guilt. And that’s why micro-TV is amaaaazing.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching a series called Shield 5, it’s a full 28-part series about a bad-ass security guard who needs to clear his name after being framed for murder and a diamond heist.

The show was co-created by Anthony Wilcox (director) and Adam Dewar (writer) and exists solely on Instagram. Viewed it its entirety, the show is under 7 minutes in length.

Truth be told, the plot is a little bit me-too but, on novelty alone, it’s great.

Time will tell if this new way of consuming content will go anywhere. It’s a hell of an investment if it ends here, but we didn’t pay for it, so we’ll grab our tiny bowls of popcorn and watch anyway.

Just don’t sneeze. You’ll miss the show.