Loyalty: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

Craig Rodney Submitted by on the 12th of July 2016

Loyalty is one of Cerebra’s core values. It’s one of the most important of the six and it’s also the hardest to explain. Loyalty is regularly seen as a justification for following your heart and not your head – staying in a situation beyond the point where it makes sense, or supporting someone even when you know better.

We are taught to be loyal to all sorts of things, such as sports teams, people, and companies. At Cerebra we see it slightly differently. The only thing you should ever be loyal to is purpose.

It’s how we know someone is suited to work at Cerebra. If an employee’s personal purpose doesn’t align to the business purpose, then their efforts will have greater effect elsewhere. If the business loses purpose, or the purpose changes, then you can’t expect people to remain loyal to that.

Having a defined business purpose allows you to build focused and effective teams of people who are fulfilled by the challenges they’ve been hired to solve. That alignment is near unstoppable. On the flip side, when it isn’t aligned it can be catastrophic. People who aren’t working towards their personal purpose contribute less value, will be less happy, and won’t stick around.

As a management team, we invest a lot of energy into continually defining our company’s purpose, and ensuring our teams are personally aligned to that. If any employee’s purpose no longer aligns to ours and they want to leave, they’re not being disloyal, it’s actually the most loyal thing they can do.

Loyalty to purpose for both the person and the business is critical. Get that right and you can achieve anything.