New Client Announcement

Cerebra Submitted by on the 3rd of January 2013


Cerebra is happy to announce that as of January 2013 they will be adding Inoxico to their list of PR clients. Inoxico is a registered credit bureau providing business intelligence solutions based on specialised commercial credit information. Inoxico’s services include the Association Matrix , a web-based application that allows you to track and audit company and individual associated relationships within your organisational ecosystem.

Inoxico’s Data Hub provides you with a broad range of data and information via a highly intuitive and customizable online portal, empowering you with the ability to extract the precise data you require. Their Researched Reports inform your business decisions with specifically researched and up-to-date information on any commercial subject of your interest. Inoxico’s Trade Shield facilitates predictive debtor management, through the use of an industry-specific debtor management tool and lastly, the Credit Insurance Toolbox assists you in managing both the financial instruments used to secure debtors (Credit Insurance, Factoring), as well as the portion of debt which remains self-insured or uninsured. Cerebra looks forward to welcoming Inoxico to the team.


Cerebra has been working on the FolUp account since November 2012 and will be handling their Media Communications until February 2013. FolUp is a web-based and mobile platform that connects physicians and patients. Through feedback and automatic tracking technology, it helps doctors provide better patient care and in the process generates reliable, unique and valuable health information. FolUp also empowers patients to share how they feel with their doctor, as well as their family and friends with similar conditions in a qualified, secure and medical practitioner-driven environment.