Now trending: from ‘A’ to Zine

Michelle Steenberg Submitted by on the 13th of October 2015

From social media magazines, to outsourced opinion apps, there is no doubt that the social media landscape is changing and that brands and consumers need to evolve with it. Let’s take a peek at some recent trends within the social space. We’ll see brands being brave and trying new things on Instagram and apps letting consumers keep their special moments private.


W - Issue One (40w_issueone)The rise of the Insta-zine

Whiskey brand Ballantines recently launched an interactive magazine on Instagram called “W”. The Insta-zine (as they call it) is dedicated to whiskey lovers around the world and features six different sections such a women influencing whiskey, the rise of bitter drinks, and the introduction of masses to mixology. They’ve done this by making use of clever imagery on their brand page to create the overall look and feel of the insta-zine and then each of these images tells a story for the brand.

The goal of the Insta-zine is to educate people on Ballantines and grow their existing relationship with their audience.



Outsource your decisionsFlingy - the fun way to decide 2015-10-09 13-37-44

Ever wondered what to wear, where to eat out? With so much information and choice available at our
fingertips every second, making small decisions becomes harder every day. You can now outsource your decision making to the whole world! Flingy, a nifty little app that lets you get feedback in the comfort of your own smartphone. It’s as easy as uploading a photo and getting the Flingy community to give you their opinion. I see some great potential here for consumer brands offering fashion, beauty and food advice, I’ll be watching this space to see how it evolves.





Skeegle 2015-10-09 13-36-54Be a part of the inner circle

Apps like Meerkat, Periscope, and YouTube before them, have given rise to the notion of consumer as creator. But what about those moments you would like to share only amongst your friends, and not the world at large? Enter Skeegle, a private streaming app that allows you to stream and broadcast your content, but only to select groups at a time. Content streamed through Skeegle enables brands to leverage the use of exclusive content for their audiences. It could be great to give loyal consumers the opportunity to see behind the scenes content at special sponsored events and backstage access to sport stars – content they could only get access to through you. It is the same rationale that is seeing an increase in brands experimenting with apps like Snapchat.


So whether you’re outsourcing your decision-making or broadcasting to your nearest and dearest, one thing is certain: you will always have many ways to stays connected and be part of something special. While it’s not necessary for brands to jump onto every available app, it is important to recognise what kind of value consumers are getting from these apps and the sentiment around it. Have you used any of these apps? We’d love to hear your experience with them.