Woolworths ‘Drops the Mic’

Submitted by on the 2nd of October 2015

Eminem’s hit single ‘Lose Yourself’ from the 2002 movie 8 Mile is arguably one of the most recognised songs in hip-hop culture. The movie tells the semi-autobiographical story of Jimmy ‘B-rabbit’ Smith, played by Eminem, and his journey into the hip-hop music scene. The movie chronicles his journey through a series of rap battles, with the last of these ending in en epic showdown between B-rabbit and his arch nemesis (played by Anthony Mackie).

No one could have predicted that 13 years down the line the song would inspire an equally epic rap battle – on Facebook. Cue Woolworths Australia and Jamie McGloin.

On Monday 28th September, Jamie McGoin unassumingly shared an Eminem-inspired post about his struggle to cook a packet of spaghetti on the Woolworths Australia Facebook page. What happened next was pretty remarkable: the Supermarket giant coolly responded with the same lyrics and a couple more Eminem references to encourage the customer to go on and cook the spaghetti.

This type of approach to Community Management is often frowned upon, with many brands fearing they’ll be ridiculed for even trying, instead of being brave and taking a risk.

Well, the risk clearly paid off for Woolworths and their social media team. The brand’s response post has since gone viral, with over 158 000 likes, 40 000 shares and counting. The comments on the post see a bunch of fans vouching their loyalty and dollars to Woolies. It’s a big win for the brand.





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