You will need to be brave

Craig Rodney Submitted by on the 7th of April 2016

If Cerebra had an official coat of arms, the Latin inscription would read “Fortes Fortuna luvat” and it would have a picture of a hero and a devil doing battle, or something equally noble. Fortes Fortuna luvat (fortune favors the brave) is one of Cerebra’s core values, something we try to inspire, treasure, and reward.

We hold bravery in such high regard because our purpose is not an easy one. We exist to help our clients narrow the gap between what they promise in social media and deliver in reality, which by implication means helping them confront the broken elements that cause employees and customers pain. You may think that ours is only a social media world, but social media is responsible for giving customers the tools and opportunity to shine a spotlight on broken brand promises.


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The vast majority of today’s big brands didn’t grow up as social companies, it’s something they’ve had to adapt to or face extinction. Adapting requires an understanding of what has changed in the world, and what needs to change within yourself to continue to thrive. It means asking tough questions and owning up to the painful solutions.

This is what we do for our clients and it requires more than just being smart, it requires every Cerebran to be brave.

Whether we’re helping a CEO navigate a social media crisis, educating thousands of employees on effective use of social media, pitching an online campaign or consulting on social media strategy, being brave needs to be our default stance because ‘social’ isn’t yet a natural state for most large companies, and they need a partner who will stand tall and navigate this course with them.

This is why we exist, and it’s why so many incredible people work at Cerebra.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how we can help you and your brand be brave, and if you think you’re brave enough to join our team, have a look at the available vacancies on our Careers page.