Bring it on, Cannes

Submitted by on the 17th of June 2015

With Cerebra now being a proud member of the Wunderman Group, it is interesting to look at some of our sister agencies’ Cannes hopefuls for 2015, specifically in the social and digital space.

For decades, Cannes has been the Oscars of traditional media, with the film category over the years always the VIP at the festival, complete with plunging neckline and sparkly tiara. However, the trend over the last few years has shimmied over to more quantifiable forms of media.

Categories such as direct, digital, and campaigns that effect actual change in the world are now equals at the party, if not A-listers themselves.

The first amazing piece is from Wunderman Bogota for Microsoft, called, ‘The Unofficial Sponsor’. It is considered unethical for brands to piggyback on any FIFA tournaments if they are not official sponsors. After all, FIFA is the bastion of all things moral and pure. However, this piece of work is brilliant in the fact that it found a way around this moral conundrum and used the product itself to create relevant content quickly and tactically.

During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, key moments of the tournament were recreated throughout the matches using FIFA 14 and Xbox 360 and posted on Twitter. They created highlights of what the world had just seen, but how it would be viewed on Xbox.

Fully legal and fully awesome.

The second Cannes hopeful comes from Wunderman London for Dream Team – a fantasy football league. Yes, another soccer theme, but that the idea is still great. What’s interesting about this one is that the entire idea is based on data and insights. Go, research team.

After analysing over 1 million past years’ interactions, it turned out that soccer fans rarely pick players from clubs which they support. In fact, an overwhelming majority of participants cheated on their teams, secretly cheering when a player they had picked in the fantasy league team scored against their supported team.

Using that insight, a simple campaign was developed using these stats, such as 76% of Chelsea fans pick Spurs players. It was all held together by the initial insight: “It’s not cheating when it’s your Dream Team”.

So good luck to Team Wunderman. Keep inspiring with great work.

May the most effective idea win.