Case Study: Vodacom Community Management

Cerebra Submitted by on the 15th of January 2016

At Cerebra, we’re celebrating our incredible community managers for the entire month of January, culminating with the internationally celebrated Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) on the 25th.

Our largest and busiest team of community managers work on the Vodacom account. #TeamRed has seen almost everything, and their experience is evident in the following facts:

  • The team of six is tasked with keeping one of the nation’s biggest and most dynamic social communities engaged, managing a community of over 980,000 between 7am and 9pm every day of the year.
  • They handle a minimum of 20,000 queries every week, with over 55% of them resolved within 10 minutes.
  • They implement a sales strategy that has seen social become the lowest cost-per-acquisition channel across several business units.
  •  #TeamRed has also pioneered engagement with niche sponsorship audiences, managing two dedicated sponsorship channels over and above the main brand channels.

Their commitment and energy has led them through numerous crises and resulted in incredible engagement and growth on all platforms. We made the video below to showcase their talents, and their delightfully quirky attitudes: