Demystifying Online Reputation Management

Posted by on the 19th of November 2012 | Comments

A Q&A between Keenan Harduth (Head of ORM) and John Beale (Head of Strategy)

######1. What exactly does ORM stand for?######

* Online Reputation Management

######2. That’s nice, but what does it mean and what does it actually do?######

* The ORM process lets you listen to the thousands of conversations happening online, measure sentiment – which affects reputation and lets you take a look at the people who mention your brand. It’s like stalking on steroids. And with pie charts.
* It let’s you know what your brand looks like online, and what you can do to change or maintain that.

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Cerebra’s top social content tips and tricks

Cerebra Posted by on the 15th of November 2012 | Comments

Here at Cerebra we have the pleasure of running the social platforms of some of South Africa’s most awesome brands. We also enjoy experimenting with our own social platforms, which means that we’ve learnt a lot about what content works and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re new to social media or looking to improve your brand’s content, here are a few of our top social content tips and tricks:

• Get the basics right – keep content short, simple and relevant. Good spelling and grammar are a must.

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Confessions of a Content & Community Manager: The truth about Facebook Reach

Reece Jacobsen Posted by on the 9th of November 2012 | Comments

In an attempt to show solidarity to the nation’s youth currently toiling away with exams and studying sessions, I have decided to join them. The question I posed to myself is this:

True or false: Facebook is limiting my brand page’s reach in order to force my client into spending on advertising (Discuss for 50 marks)

False. People are correct in saying they’ve seen a decrease in the number of unique views on (most) of their content, I too have experienced this first-hand. Not so long ago I was one of the people on the frontlines with my big “Zuck you, Facebook” sign and pitchfork, until I realised that they might not be the bad guys after all.

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Client Custodians | Know Thy Client

Posted by on the 8th of November 2012 | Comments

Being a proactive and innovative contributor to any client service team requires that you familiarise yourself with digital marketing basics and developments and of course your client, but that goes without saying.

A reactive approach in managing a client’s account is certainly not the most beneficial way of going about things. Long-term futility aside, how much will you ever learn about, teach and progress your client?

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Cerebra stands out at Bookmarks 2012

Craig Rodney Posted by on the 2nd of November 2012 | Comments

You know they say it’s an honour just to have been nominated? It really is, but wow, it feels so much better to win as well!

There are many rewards for hard work, and while successful campaigns and client love are enough, it’s always great to be recognised by your peers at an event like the 2012 Bookmarks awards.

The Bookmarks are to digital people what the Oscars are to actors which is why it was incredibly exciting for Cerebra to have featured so positively this year. We picked up 7 nominations from which we were awarded:

– Best Social Media Marketer – John Beale
– Bronze in the category: Craft Awards – Editorial – G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi
– Bronze in the category: Core Awards – Social, Community and PR – Social Media Properties – Toyota

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Client Custodians | Understanding ORM

Posted by on the 1st of November 2012 | Comments

Earlier in the year, we introduced you to the concept of Online Reputation Management [ORM], what it’s not and how we do it here at Cerebra. You also learnt that leading ORM tools now incorporate crowdsourcing in their study of brand sentiment; generating results far more relevant and accurate than the industry’s standard. ORM is certainly an ever-evolving concept and tool.

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The power of Social Sharing

Posted by on the 30th of October 2012 | Comments

If you have ever cyber-stalked a stranger’s wedding photos, screen-grabbed a hairstyle of someone you have never met or posted a gym workout to Facebook just to prove you went – then this post is for you.

Hello. My name is Kate, and I am a social stalker.

The Internet loves us for this exact reason – everything we do online is a form of stalking: from re-pinning, re-posting and re-tweeting. I can honestly say I have learned more skills by browsing content online than I did during my twelve years of school. I know the best Facebook pages to go to for fitness advice, the best Twitter handles to follow for fashion and beauty advice and the best boards to follow on Pinterest for décor and gardening tips.

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Should old school researchers be using new school techniques?

Gwen Shipalana Posted by on the 29th of October 2012 | Comments

When I mention the word ‘research’ you would be forgiven for yawning, as yes, traditional research with qualitative and quantitative methods can be laborious and overly time consuming. While I am not trying to dispute the amazing insight and results that can be yielded through investing resources into research, I do wonder if traditional researches are capatilising on modern online research tools.

These new school techniques and methods that I am taking about refer to that of Online Reputation Management, or ORM as it is commonly known. ORM tools afford the user the ability to track online mentions of just about anything, including their brand, competitors, people and events.

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Cerebra’s top tips to an engaging Twitter bio

Cerebra Posted by on the 23rd of October 2012 | Comments

Irrespective of whether the Twitter profile you run is personal, or that of a brand, there are several key elements to an appealing bio that could mean the difference between a new follower or a passer by.

Here are a few suggestions that the Cerebra team has put together:

• Use your real name. This will add credibility to your account.

• Clearly indicate what the community will get in return for following you. Provide some insight into what your interests are and what you do for a living. This will give potential followers an understanding of the various content themes you may be covering.

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Cerebra Bookmarks nominations

Cerebra Posted by on the 17th of October 2012 | Comments

After months of hard work, sweat and tears, Cerebra is ecstatic to announce that we have been nominated for 7 Bookmark Awards. WOOT!

The Bookmarks is South Africa’s annual award for excellence in online publishing and digital marketing. In 2011, Cerebra took home two silver awards from four nominations, and we are hoping for an even bigger success this year.

Cerebra has been nominated in the following categories:

– Core Awards – Social, Community and PR – Social Media Properties Shortlist: Vodacom South Africa
– Core Awards – Social, Community and PR – Social Media Properties Shortlist: Toyota South Africa
– Craft Awards – Editorial Shortlist: Cerebra – G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi Editorial

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How to use Social Media for your event

Ian Rodney Posted by on the 16th of October 2012 | Comments

It’s no surprise that your event attendees are using social media for everything from complaining about the coffee, to sharing sound bites from their favourite speakers and everything in-between. So why aren’t you?

The conversation is happening so why not participate, engage, develop relationships, build communities and not only facilitate, but drive the discussion?

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Traditional PR: Mature kid on the block

Brittany Preece Posted by on the 11th of October 2012 | Comments

I recently had the pleasure of meeting blogger and entrepreneur Andy Hadfield at September’s 27 Dinner and although we spoke quite briefly, what he said when I told him I work predominantly in traditional media communication got me thinking. His words were something along the lines of “That’s cool, PR is really making a comeback.”

Those that work at their digital agency’s ‘PR table’ will be surprised to hear this response from a blogger or journalist, as opposed to the spin doctor death stare you usually get. But Andy is correct, traditional PR is making a comeback – good PR that is.

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