The Editorial Board: Just plug it in

Cerebra Submitted by on the 25th of April 2016

Cerebra has been creating content for social media audiences for 10 years, and while a lot has changed in the social media world in that time, what hasn’t changed is the need for a firm set of rules for creating rich, well-planned, and relevant content.

The over-arching element to content creation, which we have developed and refined over the years, is the Editorial Board process. Today, it has become so integral to successful content creation that it is now a pre-requisite for how we work with our clients.

Content must not be produced accidentally or on a whim without planning or insight. That sounds obvious, but it’s surprisingly rare for brands to stick to this rule. Planning is a way of preventing social media disasters – all content needs to make sense to the brand (and its audience) and that can be very difficult to achieve when content is constantly reactive or last-minute.

As a rule, if a brand is producing content for any media, it is a publisher. It is not like a publisher – it simply is one. That means the rules and norms of publishing need to be adhered to.

Think of a magazine. Every month, a completed product is sent to the printers to become the next edition. By that point, months of planning will have gone into it. Long before the content is even created, the editor will have sat with their team to decide on the major themes, features and general content for that edition. In doing so, they will align those with the interests of the audience, the overarching theme of the magazine, and the commercial needs of the publisher.

As a brand on social, it should be no different. The same requirements exist and they should be met in the same ways. By becoming efficient with pre-planned content through an Editorial Board structure, and delivering far in advance, you can get long lead times for changes and approval, the space to execute creatively, and richer content overall. When everything is not urgent, you end up becoming nimbler when something unexpected does crop up.

At Cerebra, we’ve developed the most efficient way to do this for large brands on social media – a method that includes the necessary checks and balances, some space for tweaking, and ultimately results in well-considered, richly-executed content. And, importantly, it doesn’t require any significant change on the brands part. The process is watertight and well-tested. All you need to do is plug it in, hit play, and watch as your content reaches new heights. Further to that, your insights and strategic development will add far greater value than ever before.

If your brand is on social media and consistently high-quality content creation is something you’re struggling with, then get in touch. We’re happy to take it on for you or, alternatively, we’ll workshop it with you. Get in touch with us on to learn more.