How McDonald’s should have replied to Burger King

Cerebra Submitted by on the 26th of August 2015

Burger King just challenged McDonalds to join forces for Peace Day. We think the challenge is a masterpiece of thinking and execution, but the negative reply from the Mcdonald’s CEO means they’ll miss some of the most incredible marketing, awareness, and charity opportunities.

Instead of epitomising what peace is about by gracefully accepting the opportunity and agreeing to work together for a greater cause, McDonald’s continued in the “bitter rivals” vein. Here’s what they should have done:

  1. Firstly, McDonalds should have said, “Great idea, we’re in. We trust you and your intention. Let’s get together and make it as impactful as we can.” A key aspect of peace is trust, so showing that you trust your business competitor shows that you understand peace.
  2. Immediately get the two heads of merchandise together to create a limited edition range of items that can be sold / auctioned into the collectors space to raise additional money.
  3. Use the collective reach of the two companies’ social audiences to raise awareness of the impact of wars currently happening around the world, and use that awareness to raise funds for the organisations working on relief for the people affected.
  4. Challenge other big brands to collaborate with their biggest competitors for the same good cause. Challenge the Coke & Pepsi CEOs to get together and do some good. The list goes on. Instead of shutting Burger King down, McDonald’s could have easily turned this into one of the biggest brand collaborations in history.
  5. Open it up to the public to offer suggestions of other areas where the brand collaboration could work well. Let your customers get creative and see what crazy ideas they have. Empower people to put pressure on their favorite brands to reach out to that big competitor and make peace. It’s for the kids!

By backing down, McDonald’s has come across as the wimp, afraid to trust, afraid to engage, and too short-sighted to see the opportunity. Their customers are already letting them know all about it.

Simply put, instead of sending a reply that shuts down the opportunity, the McDonald’s CEO should have jumped at this, both feet in, and made it incredible. It’s a challenge, you’re American, you don’t back down.