Influence for Sale: eBook

Cerebra Submitted by on the 21st of April 2015

Influence has long been a powerful tool for marketers, and influential people, of course, are nothing new. However, the way consumers decide whom they are influenced by has changed drastically.

The line between content consumers and content creators has also shifted, giving far more people than ever a slice of power over public opinion. Naturally, brands are clamouring to exploit this new wave of influence and the practice is only beginning to come into itself.

Our latest eBook, Influence for Sale, interrogates the common misconceptions and mistakes made by marketers utilising influencers in their campaigns. By debunking these and drawing from our own experiences with influencer marketing, this eBook builds a strategic model for success.

One of the most dangerous misconceptions is that throwing massive amounts of money at influencers will create sales, build brand awareness and strengthen loyalty. This simply isn’t the case. As is shown in the Influence for Sale model, aiming for reach will often come at the cost of authenticity while the asking price from influencers will increase accordingly.

Instead of treating social media as another form of broadcast, with influencers seen as walking, tweeting billboards, marketers should instead seize the opportunity for well-targeted and insightful content that the right influencers will want to share to the right audiences.

Download Influence for Sale free and let us know what you though or if you have any questions. Naturally, we also ask that you exercise your own influence and share the eBook across your social networks if you enjoyed it.