Inspire growth or go extinct

Cerebra Submitted by on the 30th of August 2016

My dad qualified as a diesel mechanic out of school and built a significant career in construction and mining. Like many specialists, the knowledge he gained in his first two decades of work became his competitive differentiator. If he knew more than the next guy or girl, he had a better chance of being promoted.

Knowledge was power.

There was little incentive to share or distribute that wisdom and, in some industries and organisations, the notion of sharing was even discouraged. Experience had immense value.

Enter the internet. Wikipedia. YouTube. Blogs. Vlogs. Terabyte upon terabyte of information, sourced and produced from every corner of the globe, archived and searchable, available at half the planet’s fingertips. Knowledge, previously protected and inaccessible, can be gleaned at virtually zero expense by any willing searcher.

Knowledge is still power, but only inasmuch as you share it.

This is the world Cerebra finds itself in. A world where a company’s ability to share information and intellectual property is a fundamental pillar of its success. A world where the previously unquestionable value of expertise and experience is slowly but surely eroding.

We’re committed to understanding, exploring and researching the challenges and opportunities companies face in the social era of business and ultimately articulating and publishing our findings for anyone to access, download and share.

But sharing and inspiring growth doesn’t just happen in our marketing efforts. We actively promote, encourage and measure staff learning and information sharing. We host weekly meetings (known as BBGs) where anyone in the business can tell stories about their clients, their roles, learnings, case studies and more. We host 27dinners designed to facilitate meaningful conversation and debate about tech and internet topics. We host internal mentorship and informal training programs. We send staff to conferences and industry events.

Ultimately, we believe Cerebra’s competitiveness is attached to the level at which we encourage our staff to share their knowledge. I believe our business has been, and hopefully will continue to be, a hub for powerful game-changing intellectual property for many years to come.

To find out more about our events and services, email us at, and remember to take a look at our free eBooks on a range of topics on our Resources page.