No such thing as a boring photo

Craig Rodney Submitted by on the 27th of February 2015

If you’ve ever wanted an insight into the creative mind and spirit of a Cerebran, you need look no further than what happened when our website person asked for a couple of photos. Let me tell you the story.

Cerebra’s homepage has a cool slider that would be cooler with a fun team photo, and that’s exactly what our website guy asked for. It went something like this, “hey guys, one of the slider images should be a team photo, please send me one.” Because nothing is worth doing if it isn’t done well, and because you require more than a little crazy to work at Cerebra, our guys set out on a mission to produce a photo for the website.

It started with a request to the entire team to participate in a “fantasy photo shoot” – people could form teams of three people and create their own fantasy photo. Our genius photography and video expert, Nicole Olwagen, set up a vertical shoot, hoisting a camera high above the ground and got each team to lie on the floor and pose out their fantasy.

Once we had the photos we got a visual animator to draw in the missing parts of the fantasy to complete a set of six great photo / sketch scenes. Then, because that wasn’t enough, our resident video animator, Nick Pinnoy, took each of these photo sketches and animated the sketches into moving parts to give extra life to the fantasy.

The end result is a series of incredible team photos. So, to answer the website guy’s question, “no, we won’t send you an ordinary team photo because we don’t do ordinary!”

Check out the animated versions below.