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Published 29th of June 2016

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On a daily basis, businesses suffer very public brand damage inflicted by their employees’ personal social media use. As an employer, what your employees say on social media is both your problem and your responsibility.

Very few employees understand the legal implications of what they publish on social media as well as the risks and opportunities associated with them.

Social media policies are a necessity but do not change behaviour. Neither does blocking access on company networks, it simply makes the problem harder to manage. Educating your employees is the only option. The company stands to suffer the most loss, and thus has the primary responsibility for providing the solution.

Educating your employees on safe and productive social media use is now mandatory.

The Cerebra Academy equips employees with the right tools for social media success – providing a detailed and multifaceted approach to social media platforms, best practices and principles for success. Download our information deck for more about the Academy offering and unlock opportunities for your business.