The Social Identity

Published 25th of August 2014 ,

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If your brand walked into a room what would it be wearing? If it stepped up to the microphone what would it sound like? Would you be able to identify it in a crowd?

Everything you say or do on social media is a representation of your brand and the combination of a Language Guide and a Visual Identity makes up your Social Identity. 

The world is changing faster than we realise and it’s up to your brand to be responsive and dynamic around these changes. As new channels for advertising become prevalent different considerations have to be taken into account. 

A new set of language and design considerations are required to communicate with an audience that lives in front of a screen. As many designers will tell you, the user needs to be at the centre of attention and strategy, and today the user behaves differently online than in reality.

This guide will outline the importance of your brand’s social identity and shed light on the specific language and visual details that need to be considered; all culminating in specific ways to go about defining what your brand looks and sounds like online.