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#TeamCerebra – Learnings from Design Indaba 2014

Anna-Belle Mulder Posted by on the 4th of March 2014 | Comments

Every year thousands of creatives from all over the world travel to Design Indaba. From inspiring talks at the Conference to beautiful South African designs at the Expo, Design Indaba really is one of a kind. This year a few members of #TeamCerebra were lucky enough to join the scores of designers, business owners, writers, architects, creative directors, photographers and everyone in-between, as the world’s eyes turned to the Mother City.

Each experience was so unique we’ve decided to give you a snippet from each Cerebran that attended the event.

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Anna-Belle Mulder Posted by on the 10th of January 2014 | Comments

Being told you are going on a family holiday when you’re not part of the family can be a pretty daunting thing.

I’ve been at Cerebra for just under three months now, long enough to be in on the jokes…most of them at least. Long enough to greet people by their nicknames, or even make new ones up. Long enough to feel comfortable enough to burst into song at any given moment, knowing that most people wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow or openly ridicule me.

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Same same but different – the importance of tracking your competitors on Social Media

Keenan Harduth Posted by on the 19th of November 2013 | Comments

As the digital space evolves and more and more businesses are competing for limited space on Social Media platforms, tracking your competitors is more important than ever. Not only can competitor analysis in the digital realm help form benchmarks to better your own digital strategy but it will also offer insights that traditional market analysis can’t.

Many businesses feel that it is important to make their own mark in their fields of expertise regardless of what competitors are doing. The general sentiment amongst brands seems to be that that looking to other brands to help form best practices or benchmarks is counterintuitive; Social Media does however propose a unique case.

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The story behind the Brand Convection Model

Reece Jacobsen Posted by on the 7th of November 2013 | Comments

That awkward moment when you ask your boss what your job actually is.

That’s actually how it all started, a conversation between Craig Rodney and myself about what my job entails, after nearly four years as a Community Manager. When he asked what I meant, I simply stated, “Is my job to make the community care about the brand, or to make the brand care about the community?”

It was a tough question; we hadn’t considered that it could be both.

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Tapping Into Your Brand’s Information Mainline – The Enterprise Technology Show 2013

Keenan Harduth Posted by on the 3rd of November 2013 | Comments

Cerebra was fortunate enough to be involved in last year’s Internet Show as an exhibitor and with a speaking spot. This year, I returned on behalf of Cerebra to what has evolved into The Enterprise Technology Show. Made up of the Internet Show, Loyalty World, The Marketing Technology Show, Big Data World Africa and The Mobile Show Africa 2014, the two-day show, exhibition and conference comprised of a completely free conference and an all-new VIP event, which included keynote speakers and focused, breakaway roundtable discussions.

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Developing personality and tone on social is vital: here’s how to do it

Cerebra Posted by on the 20th of October 2013 | Comments

Social media has brought along with it a chance for brands as a whole to interact with their customers in a way they were never able to. The main difference is that we’re now behind digital code, which for the most part, doesn’t hold personality as well as the corporate communications spokesperson or CEO.

Not only are brands grappling to define and refine their online personality, they also have to ensure consistency across all channels. Accurately defining your ‘social personality’ is incredibly important.

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Vodacom recognised as Africa’s top social brand

Cerebra Posted by on the 29th of May 2013 | Comments

Mobile communications company Vodacom is the only African brand to have its social media platforms, run by integrated strategic communication agency Cerebra, recognised by the 2013 Social Brands 100 report.

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SXSW: A brief overview

Keenan Harduth Posted by on the 13th of March 2013 | Comments

Anyone who knows anything about SXSW knows that it is a frenzied week of interactive conferences, film and music. This year it is even bigger as its the 20th anniversary of the event, which means there are over 5000 events in the city of Austin.

Born in 1987 as a music festival only, the organisers added the film festival and interactive conference in 1994. Johnny Cash was the keynote speaker in 1987 and in 2013 the main keynote was Elon Musk.

This is a clear indication of how the super conference has evolved over the years from music dominating the scene up to 2009/2010 to the switch to interactive becoming the biggest pull for people. The numbers speak for themselves, as you can see in the table below.

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SXSW: Social Media ROI

Posted by on the 12th of March 2013 | Comments

It was with great interest that I attended a working group session on social media ROI. The room was filled with both brand marketing as well as agency social media people. I must state up front this was an open discussion session and not a talk from a panel.

First off, I was fascinated at how sales focused most of the questions were, with the majority of the Q&A revolving around how people have succeeded in selling more via social. Considering the environment and audience, I really would have thought the conversation would have progressed a bit.
The main points, which we’ve all heard over and over, are outlined below:

• Billboards can’t track sales so why should social.

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SXSW: How Brands Survive In China

Keenan Harduth Posted by on the 12th of March 2013 | Comments

After 6 years of research into why businesses succeed or fail in China, Emily Chong, the AVP of Design and Marketing for Frog innovation specialists, tackles the subject of survival strategies for brands in China. The parallels and differences in marketing to South Africans were startling.

Here are some of the insights for anyone thinking of taking their products or services East, or for anyone venturing into new territories.

Stop thinking these are nascent markets

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SXSW: Social Media and TV

Posted by on the 11th of March 2013 | Comments

A big discussion point at SXSW is the learning and innovation around social and television. The US pretty much leads the entertainment business and their social media integration into their television series, reality, sports and news has been quick to market. Stepping back to look at trends and what has worked @jdeeringdavis shared her insight, as well learning’s from the social team at WWE.

The most tweeted about categories are still Reality TV, Sports, Series and One time special events. Interesting insights:

– Reality TV & One Time Events – The selection of hosts and the conversations around them show there to be more conversation on social media than the actual contestants. This could be a strategy from the producers

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Social Media Cheat sheet

Cerebra Posted by on the 19th of February 2013 | Comments

It’s sometimes tricky to keep up with the sizing conventions on the different social networks. How big is a profile pic vs an avatar? How much of my content will actually be seen? How should I design a Twitter background etc etc.

Never fear! In the interests of reducing stress levels and making all community managers smile, the Cerebra team have produced a social media cheat sheet for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It has all the pic, avatar and background sizes as well as associated text limitations. Print it, stick it on your wall and smile 🙂

You’re welcome.

Download the full pdf here


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