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Things that made me like the world a little more – August

Posted by on the 26th of August 2015 | Comments

Some ideas make me jealous. And although jealousy makes me selfish, there are some ideas that are so incredibly selfless that I’m prepared to set my feelings aside and just write about them. And then of course, there are ideas that are just heaps of fun. They make me laugh. Jealously. The 2015 Loeries produced […]

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Case Study: Vodacom’s Summer Campaign

Anna-Belle Mulder Posted by on the 11th of March 2014 | Comments

South Africans are known for their generosity, which for three months every year reached its peak during the summer holidays.

In 2013 Vodacom wanted to join in on the spirit of gifting and asked Cerebra to help them do it. The ‘Give a Gift, Give a Happy’ campaign allowed all Vodacom customers to send a gift to anybody they cared about, regardless of what network that person was on, using a simple SMS mechanic.

Cerebra was tasked with four main objectives for the campaign, namely:
-To drive awareness
-To spark word of mouth
-To create positive sentiment around the Vodacom brand
-To educate users about the SMS mechanic

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