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What we felt at Design Indaba

Posted by on the 26th of February 2016 | Comments

This is not a listicle about the ‘10 things we learned at Design Indaba 2016’. Sure, the conference lived up to its reputation as a truly world class event, and we were educated about some useful trends and ideas, explored some new ways of thinking, and heard the experts’ views on how to be like […]


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#TeamCerebra – Learnings from Design Indaba 2014

Anna-Belle Mulder Posted by on the 4th of March 2014 | Comments

Every year thousands of creatives from all over the world travel to Design Indaba. From inspiring talks at the Conference to beautiful South African designs at the Expo, Design Indaba really is one of a kind. This year a few members of #TeamCerebra were lucky enough to join the scores of designers, business owners, writers, architects, creative directors, photographers and everyone in-between, as the world’s eyes turned to the Mother City.

Each experience was so unique we’ve decided to give you a snippet from each Cerebran that attended the event.

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