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It’s not about the ‘Like’ anymore

Zahira Kharsany Posted by on the 12th of December 2012 | Comments

Facebook continues to change and evolve. In recent months we’ve heard an outcry from Brand Pages regarding the change in Facebook’s algorithm [Edgerank] and how content reaches out to ‘fans’ and people using the platform.

Some changes have escaped the eyes of many people in South Africa but we’re slowly seeing the results. One such change is the release of the ‘Global Brand Page’ in October.

What is the Global Brand Page?

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Demystifying Online Reputation Management

Posted by on the 19th of November 2012 | Comments

A Q&A between Keenan Harduth (Head of ORM) and John Beale (Head of Strategy)

######1. What exactly does ORM stand for?######

* Online Reputation Management

######2. That’s nice, but what does it mean and what does it actually do?######

* The ORM process lets you listen to the thousands of conversations happening online, measure sentiment – which affects reputation and lets you take a look at the people who mention your brand. It’s like stalking on steroids. And with pie charts.
* It let’s you know what your brand looks like online, and what you can do to change or maintain that.

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5 steps to building digital communities that really impact your business

Mike Stopforth Posted by on the 9th of November 2012 | Comments

One of the more appealing opportunities for brands engaging with customers in social media is soliciting candid feedback about their products and service. With the right amount of investment in your communities these insights can have a profound impact on the way you conduct research, design business processes, train staff, build products and more.

Strategy starts with defining clear objectives. The same applies to social media (or digital) strategy — without clear objectives at the start, engagement falls flat. Traditionally these objectives are defined by the business and are in line with your brand ideals. Your brand ideals are all those things you believe your customers think and feel about you.

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Client Custodians | Know Thy Client

Posted by on the 8th of November 2012 | Comments

Being a proactive and innovative contributor to any client service team requires that you familiarise yourself with digital marketing basics and developments and of course your client, but that goes without saying.

A reactive approach in managing a client’s account is certainly not the most beneficial way of going about things. Long-term futility aside, how much will you ever learn about, teach and progress your client?

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The real problem with social media strategies? Traditional agencies

Posted by on the 8th of October 2012 | Comments

Media strategists are slowly starting to understand digital as both the client and the agency demand a more holistic approach, but what about social media?

For many, the environment is daunting as it goes against what most media strategists are trained to investigate (such as reach, frequency and Gross Rating Points). Social media means consumers have the voice to talk back, but for many, it doesn’t even feature as a blip on the radar as a channel because it’s foreign to traditional media strategy which is all about broadcast.

To me, social media fits in the media mix just as much as TV, radio or print. However, the current agency briefing model doesn’t lend itself to this type of thinking. A few different approaches I’ve seen are:

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Our Identity Part 2: The Community Lifecycle (or what we do)

Mike Stopforth Posted by on the 4th of September 2012 | Comments

Cerebra’s tag line is ‘We are community’ which refers not only to the culture fostered within our company but also through our role as curator of our clients’ communities. In our last post Our Identity Part 1: The Cerebra Mission Statement and Manifesto (or who we are and why we exist) we spoke about our mission statement and manifesto – the answers to “who we are” and “why we exist”. In this post we’re going to talk about “what we do” – the lifecycle that all of our clients’ communities go through before reaching maturity and self-sustainability.

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Confessions of a Content and Community Manager: The Content Recipe

Reece Jacobsen Posted by on the 17th of July 2012 | Comments

Welcome, Chef. I’m guessing the reason you are here, reading this piece is because you’re hungry for some cool, creative content.

Before we start, I’d like you to wash your hands… Yup, that’s right, wash your hands clean of all the generic brand bollocks. Get right in there, scrub under your fingernails and make sure you get all the ‘sales’ out from under there. That’s better.

– Strategy
– Personality
– 3 to 5 hypothetical customers
– Content streams (with sources)
– Rich media
– Calls to action
– Time relevant content


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BULLETS WITH BEALE: Social Media updates, in easily digestible portions

Posted by on the 16th of May 2012 | Comments

Today, a quick overview on GM pulling their Facebook ads

Here’s a very interesting read on GM pulling their advertising from Facebook:

The decision was made for two different reasons:

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Building social communities: the NOT campaign opportunity

Craig Rodney Posted by on the 7th of May 2012 | Comments

The quiet moments between a company’s hyped marketing and communication campaigns are overlooked and under-valued marketing opportunities. Before the rise of social media it was acceptable to ignore these moments, but we now have the tools and the techniques to convert this ”downtime” into an opportunity to build loyal communities.
Companies plan out their annual marketing campaigns with the focus of their budget spend on creating big spikes in interest and awareness. The size of the budget determines how many spikes there will be and how high they are, but regardless of the spend, there will always be quiet periods between campaigns that can be converted into customer loyalty gold.


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Shifting from Social Media to Social Business Thinking

Mike Stopforth Posted by on the 16th of April 2012 | Comments

The term social media refers to a set of web-based and mobile tools, technologies and platforms that enable connection, communication and collaboration in ways never before possible. Hopefully you’ve cottoned on to this by now.

The problem is that this definition doesn’t encompass the undeniable impact social media has had on society and business. I’ve been saying for years now that social media is not about tools, but about people. I believe that companies that grasp the ethos behind social media – and the behavioural changes resulting from the integration of these tools into daily life – will easily differentiate themselves from their competitors in years and decades to come.

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Timeline Hits Fan Pages

Posted by on the 1st of March 2012 | Comments

Facebook unveiled the much-anticipated “Timeline” for Pages yesterday, the biggest change since February 2011. Let’s take a look at the new changes and what it means for Facebook subscribers:


As the name suggests, Pages will now be able to add milestones, which are similar to life events on personal profiles. It provides more opportunities for brands to post historical content, while providing a new experience.

Cover photos

The first change you will notice is the cover photo. Like the timeline for personal profiles, a landscape image at the top of the Page becomes the focal point. Facebook has dictated that the cover photo may not contain the following:

  1. Contact information
  2. Product or service pricing
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Social Media CRM

Posted by on the 16th of February 2012 | Comments

I touted Social Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) as one of the key trends in social media in South Africa for 2012, and I think it needs some explaining.

What is it?

Social CRM is the process of linking customer profiles (back-end data) with customers’ social profiles (front-end data), providing a 360 degree view of the customer when engaging.

Why is it important?

Social CRM has seen huge growth in the more established social markets overseas due to the rich data that social brings to the table. But there are some key reasons why it’s important for those companies who engage in social media.

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