Ashleigh Dubbelman, Corporate Affairs: Communications, Vodacom:

Cerebra has been managing Vodacom’s social communities since we took the social media plunge in 2010. Since then each of our communities has grown astronomically (and mostly organically). Lloyd and his team at Cerebra have an unrivalled understanding of each of our platforms and has led to the development of a number of diverse communities that all enjoy different types of content.

I have no doubt that the success of our marketing campaigns on social media owes a lot to the fact that our community management team is intimately involved in campaign design. This has time and again ensured that the execution of the campaigns are as flawless as possible. They know our audiences and they know what works for them. Most importantly they know we are a consumer brand and customer service comes first.

The team is also incredibly flexible and quick to adapt to sudden changes or crises. The Vodacom community management team at Cerebra is made up of fun, relaxed and professional individuals. While each person has a unique personality they all share the knack or gut feel of knowing when something is not going to work. As such, we think of the community managers as an extension of our internal Vodacom team and trust them with our accounts and value their opinions.

Over the past year the community management team has come under extreme pressure as the importance of social within Vodacom has grown. With the added backing of advertising spend the team has had to ramp up their time and energy to accommodate the growth and keep engagement and response levels up. They have done this while understaffed and have not complained once.

It is an honour to work with such an energetic, professional team and I could not think of a team that deserves this award more.