Jacques du Bruyn, MD: Flume Communications:

It is with the great pleasure that I write this testimonial. I spent 2 years working very closely with Keenan at Cerebra on clients such as Nedbank, SimplyBiz and GIBS University. Not only does Keenan have the aptitude to excel at whatever he puts his mind to, but he also has the right attitude and maturity. There were many times that Keenan stepped in to help people on projects which were not directly within his portfolio, because he’s a big team player who cars for his fellow team mates. He’s extremely loyal and will always push to get the job done, even if it means late hours and weekends. What I respect most about Keenan is his integrity, which is often very difficult to find in a rapidly growing social media industry.

Keenan positioned himself an proved his role as an imperative in the social media marketing process for all his clients and the industry.