The Content Marketing Sacrifice: eBook

Cerebra Submitted by on the 30th of June 2015

We’ve just published a new eBook tackling the Content Marketing Sacrifice, and we don’t think we’ve ever been more excited about a topic.

Content marketing is a big buzz phrase at the moment, and we wanted to bring together a number of different components to the discipline, and present the theoretical model that underpins why content marketing is such an important new communication area.

At the heart of the eBook is the relationship between a brand’s two biggest desires – audience reach and brand relevance. These two don’t have a mutually beneficial relationship, which is the foundation for why smart content marketing is unlocking massive new audiences. And yes, you guessed it, how you sacrifice between the two will determine your success.

The eBook starts off with some background to how we got here, and then helps you understand how to move forward and become incredible story-tellers. We hope you enjoy it and please be sure to send us your feedback.