In managing the risks associated with having your business on social media, one thing is certain: it’s not a matter of if a crisis will happen – it’s a matter of when

the-social-media-crisis-handbook-3As our recent survey showed, a majority of businesses admit to seeing tangible damage associated with crises, yet they remain grossly underprepared for crisis communication.The Social Media Crisis Handbook is a comprehensive guide to understanding, mitigating and managing the process. The strategic insights shared in the book stem from over 10 years alongside some of the world’s biggest brands in the most difficult circumstances.

Available for order, the handbook is an investment in the security of your brand. The cost of a crisis, while painful for the bottom line, often goes even deeper, permanently damaging brands when poorly handled.

The Social Media Crisis Handbook provides a crucial strategic breakdown and relevant examples of a crisis in three parts:

  • Anatomy of a crisis: Deconstructing what is considered a crisis and introducing three types of crises to look out for.
  • Preparing for a crisis: Exploring some of the tools organisations can use to prepare themselves and their teams for a crisis.
  • Managing a crisis: A guide to applying the tools and models provided to manage a crisis until resolution.

It also includes a range of case studies and interviews with industry experts and is designed to empower social media managers, marketing and communication professionals, PR experts and HR, legal and compliance teams to be well equipped to foresee and manage crises in a swift and effective manner.

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Crisis Communication Strategy

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