Things that made me like the world a little more

Submitted by on the 27th of October 2015

It’s not always ideal to bang your own agency’s drum, but a little (not so little) activation we produced for KPMG gave me lots of smiles, for three reasons in particular.

Social integration

Firstly, we sometimes find that social media plays a support role in campaigns. ‘Integration’ means anything from ‘send out a tweet’ to ‘send out a tweet’. In this case, it was beautiful. Social media drove the idea, where it played an integral role in a real-world experience.

That brave client

Our client, in every sense, was amazing. Even when we blew the budget out of the water cooler (if you read further you will get the joke), she went in to bat for us, because she believed in the idea. The assumption around the office at one point was that her out-of-office reply was ‘Perfect, thank you!’

Lauren, you rock.

A pumping idea

I’ll try walk you through it. Hopefully the pictures help.

As the lead sponsor of the Enactus World Cup – a place where the top student minds share their bright ideas – we needed to show that KPMG values ideas and collaboration above all else. In a 9x9m exhibition stand.

Introducing #JoinIdeas.

First, students were introduced to our philosophy in a manifesto in the stand.


Then, we showed them an example of the power of joining ideas.

Next, they followed the journey of two men who joined together to bring water to thousands by cycling across the globe.

Then it was up to the students. Daily challenges were put up on screens, with each response triggering the idea-powered water pump. The more ideas tweeted, the more water was pumped through.

The best answers were then invited to sit inside the KPMG water cooler, which had been filled by our virtual ideas for an intimate session with some of the most powerful business leaders.


It looked fantastic. The execs raved about it. 672 people tweeted about it globally, with 3 216 376 opportunities to see.

The entire event adopted our #JoinIdeas hashtag.


Well done, team.